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Contact Information:  304-830-0529

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  • Private Instruction - Individual Attention
  • Focus is on correct Rider seat and aids
  • Emphasis on achieving relaxation, forwardness and willingness from the horse
  • Lunge lessons encouraged
  • Lesson horses available

"Kristin will teach you not only to ride
but to lunge, train with caveletti's, etc.
and she will video tape lessons and
review with the student for additional learning"

"Kristin is willing to get on your horse
so she knows what you are feeling
and can correct the horse so
you know what the right feel is"

"Kristin's lessons are great because
she works on both the Rider and the Horse
so we become better partners!"

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Kristin is accepting horses for training or sale with an emphasis toward advanced Dressage levels.

  • Full Training 5-6 days schooling of horse
  • Turnout daily, weather permitting
  • Total management of feed and routine care
  • Coordination of Veterinary services as needed
  • Training also available for Advanced Schooling per ride
    Contact Kristin for Pricing

"Kristin's most admiring attribute in all her training
is that she always puts the horse's welfare
as her first priority"

"Kristin is known to take horses
deemed untrainable and achieve a calm,
obedient and willing partner"

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Schedule Kristin for a Riding Clinic at Your Own Stables!
Or with your Equine Organization

  • Minimum of 8 rides per day scheduled
  • Cost of travel/hotel will be added to clinic fee
  • Preference is for a Riding Clinic
  • Lecture and or Demonstration can be arranged in advance

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Show Schooling

Kristin is available for schooling horse or rider at shows based on availability
If your trainer can not be there, your horse is having a bad day,
or you just need some suggestions
Kristin can be available, time permitted
Time Priority is given to regular clients first.
Price will vary depending on needs.
Check the calendar link to see where Kristin will be!
You can contact her before the show to make arrangements
or look for her with the Bauer Equestrian Center Stabling

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Kristin would welcome the opportunity to provide an
apprenticeship or working student position at
Bauer Equestrian Center
Interested person should have attributes including

  • Being Responsible
  • Attend to Details well
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Have good Social and Communication Skills
  • Be willing to work hard
  • Most of all - Enjoy Being around Horses!

Some experience with horses is required. Dressage Riding is desired but not mandatory
The Student will experience all aspects of horse care, management, and training from cleaning, grooming, and turning out horses
to when more experienced assisting with
lungeing, and warm up/cool down of horses in training
In Exchange for work Kristin will provide riding lessons and a chance to compete
and possibly travel opportunities when available.
Contact Kristin for more Information

"You will have the best opportunities to experience
all things related to horses and
have excellent riding instruction by Kristin
with all types of horses in order to widen your skills
and potential within the equine profession."


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Sponsorships Available include:

  • Individual Sponsorships
  • Corporate Sponsorships
Contact Kristin for more Information

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