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Donna took up the challenge, and Fat Ass Fudge was born. She even met Hugh Jackman at one of these markets, and he helped her set up her tent. Would the Sharks fall in love with the delicious candy and the funny name? Donna McCue walked out into the Shark Tank, and onto the stage. She greeted the Sharks and introduced herself as the president and founder of Fat Ass Fudge. Mark laughed.

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Fat Ass Fudge Pitch

We were so honored to receive both awards and so grateful to everyone who took the time to come out. Many opportunities have opened up for us by participating in the Shark Tank television show.

The reruns continue to bring us business and we are so grateful.

Our award winning Fat Ass Fudge is decadent and yes, slightly comical but it also allows us to support great causes. Our goal at Chocology is not only to offer chocolate made with the finest ingredients but to strengthen our community by "giving back". Donna explained that Fat Ass Fudge is her grandmother's recipe that she adapted. She said that it was made with goat's milk, and therefore was lactose and gluten Ariel Leather.

People love the name and we continue to keep Fat Ass Fudge a consistently terrific sweet that everyone can enjoy. Thank you! A big thank you to all of our Fat Ass clients, both corporate and individual, for making this a Fat Ass year to remember!

Your loyalty and continued support is what keeps us excited about all things chocolate!

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Comments linda johnson says. November 19, at pm. Two Fat Ass Awards Chocology Chocology Unlimited Chocology: the place to go if you are a fan of chocolate and you want to learn about chocolate OR you want to give a scrumptious gift for that special someone.

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Fat Ass Fudge ate - What Happened After Shark Tank

Latest Tweets I think I saw snow in the exhibit hall affiliatesummit today. Kevin wants to know how many Whole Foods stores she was in. Donna told him that she was in two stores.

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Barbara asked if she had purchase orders, and Donna confirmed that she did. Kevin important ct of the business was the numbers, and Donna said that she agreed.

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He started to sound like he was about to go out, and Donna asked him if he was going to negotiate. The Sharks continued to laugh at her.

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Donna asked the Sharks if they felt like she brought something special to the table. She said that she felt like she did, and she also feels like she deserves her TV show. Kevin let her know that she was interesting and that the product was good. He said that that was all that they had, her stirring it in the kitchen, packaging it, and selling it.

Oct 28, Donna McCue is the woman behind the sweet brand Fat Ass Fudge, a line of gluten-free fudges made with organic goat's milk and butter. She used to sell her fudge in the Hamptons on . Fat Ass Fudge is an artisan, goats milk and goats butter fudge made with Belgian chocolate. Each View full product details >. Fat Ass Fudge. Fat Ass Fudge is the eponymously named, organic, gluten-free fudge business that is the creation of entrepreneur Donna McCue of East Hampton, New York. She brings her decadent and delicious confections to the Shark Tank in episode seeking funding from the Sharks. The 60 something former intuitive and comedienne has been making Fat Ass Fudge from her grandmother's .

Kevin told her that she was nuts and that she needed a partner in order to make it the 5 million dollar business that she was asking for. Kevin told her that he was saying that in a nice way.

She needs someone to figure out the business part of it while she makes the fudge. Kevin told her that she was missing that part of the equation and that the idea was Half Baked. He told her that she needed the other piece, so he was out. She looks shocked.

Fat ass fudge

Donna told Kevin, but the difference between him and chocolate was that chocolate did not disappoint. Kevin said that he thought that Donna was a sweetheart. He told her that he loved her, and her fudge.

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He suggested Barbara as down as business partner, saying that Barbara was just as crazy as Donna. Barbara asked if Donna wanted some honest feedback. Donna said that she did. Barbra told Donna that He saw her as a wildly enthusiastic lady who likes to make fudge.

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Barbara said that she thought I only wanted to get out, and meet people, and get attention and enthusiasm for her product. Barbera went out.

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Daymond told Donna that the fudge was great, and he could watch her all day. He told her that he really enjoyed her energy, but he did not see Fat Ass Fudge as a business.

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Daymond went out. He just went out. Mark was the only one left.

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He said that she would be just fine on her own. Mark went out. Donna walked off the stage. As she left, Robert implied that he thought she was making weed brownies instead of fudge. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sunday, February 16, Sign in. Forgot your password?

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