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Hailed as the "King of Surf Guitar, " Dick Dale virtually galvanized the surf rock sound in the s. An avid surfer and accomplished musician, Dale and his band, 'Dick Dale and the Del-Tones', appeared in several of the ever-popular "Beach Party" teen flicks starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon during the s. Although interest in surf rock waned in the s, Dale has enjoyed a successful comeback during the s, due in part to Quentin Tarantino 's Pulp Fiction , which featured Dale's hit "Misirlou". Weekly" in June of for his contribution to music. Despite a heavy touring schedule that takes him through the US and around the world, Dale finds time to spend with his nine-year-old son, Jimmy, on the acre family ranch in Twentynine Palms, California. Sign In. Edit Dick Dale.

Dale continued to record sporadically throughout the rest of the 60s and 70s for numerous labels but a cancer scare, which he overcame, effectively sidelined his career. Licensed from Muze.

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Biography of Dick Dale on Richard Monsour, 4 May , Boston, Massachusetts, USA. (Note: Dale himself has been quoted in interviews as saying he was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and that his family emigrated to Quincy, Massachusetts, when he was a child. Mini Bio (1) Hailed as the "King of Surf Guitar, " Dick Dale virtually galvanized the surf rock sound in the s. An avid surfer and accomplished musician, Dale and his band, 'Dick Dale and the Del-Tones', appeared in several of the ever-popular "Beach Party" teen flicks starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon during the s.

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Dick dale bio

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Dick Dale - The King Of Surf Guitar

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Mar 18, Dick Dale born Richard Anthony Monsour, was an American rock musician and guitarist. He was also known as The King of the Surf Guitar. His father, Jim, was Lebanese, and as a boy he played the Middle Eastern tarabaki drums at local community festivals. As . Dick Dale was born on September 14, in Algona, Iowa, USA as Richard Lee Dale. He was married to Marguerite Gappa. He died on December 26, in Algona. Spouse (1). Mar 16, Dick Dale was born Richard Monsour in Boston in ; his father was Lebanese, his mother Polish. As a child, he was exposed to folk music from both cultures, which had an impact on his sense of melody and the ways string instruments could be picked.

For personal non-commercial use only. All rights reserved. He also heard lots of big band swing, and found his first musical hero in drummer Gene Krupawho later wound up influencing a percussive approach to guitar so intense that Dale regularly broke the heaviest-gauge strings available and ground his picks down to nothing several times in the same song.

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He taught himself to play country songs on the ukulele, and soon graduated to guitar, where he was also self-taught. His father encouraged him and offered career guidance, and inthe family moved to Southern California. At the suggestion of a country DJ, Monsour adopted the stage name Dick Daleand he began performing in local talent shows, where his budding interest in rockabilly made him a popular act.

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He recorded a demo song, "Ooh-Whee Marie," for the local Del-Fi label, which was later released as a single on his father's new Deltone imprint and distributed locally. During the late '50s, Dale also became an avid surfer, and soon set about finding ways to mimic the surging sounds and feelings of the sport and the ocean on his guitar.

He quickly developed a highly distinctive instrumental sound and found an enthusiastic, ready-made audience in his surfer friends.

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Dale began playing regular gigs at the Rendezvous Ballroom, a once-defunct concert venue near Newport Beach, with his backing band the Del-Tones ; as word spread and gigs at other local halls followed, Dale became a wildly popular attraction, drawing thousands of fans to every performance.

In SeptemberDeltone released Dale 's single "Let's Go Trippin'," which is generally acknowledged to be the very first recorded surf instrumental.

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Dale released a few more local singles, including "Jungle Fever," "Miserlou," and "Surf Beat," and in issued his and surf music's first album, the groundbreaking Surfer's Choiceon Deltone. Surfer's Choice sold like hotcakes around Southern California, which earned Dale a contract with Capitol Records and national distribution for the album. He also released the follow-up LP King of the Surf Guitar and went on to issue three more albums on Capitol through During that time, he developed a close working relationship with Leo Fenderwho kept engineering bigger and better sound systems in response to Dale 's appetite for louder, more maniacally energetic live performances.

But inthe British Invasion stole much of surf's thunder, and Dale was dropped by Capitol in He remained a wildly popular local act, but in he was diagnosed with rectal cancer, which forced him to temporarily retire from music.

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He beat the disease, however, and soon began pursuing other interests: owning and caring for a variety of endangered animals, studying martial arts, designing his parents' dream house, and learning to pilot planes. In addition to all of that, he performed occasionally around Southern California throughout the '70s and '80s.

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InDale attempted to mount a comeback. He first recorded a benefit single for the UC-Irvine Medical Center's burn unit which had helped him recuperate from potentially serious injuriesand the following year appeared in the beach movie send-up Back to the Beach.

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InDale did a guest spot on an album by the San Francisco-based Psychefunkapusand a successful Bay Area gig got him signed with Hightone Records. The album Tribal Thunder was released inbut Dale 's comeback didn't get into full swing until "Miserlou" was chosen as the opening theme to Quentin Tarantino 's blockbuster film Pulp Fiction.

As a result, Tribal Thunder and its follow-up, Unknown Territoryattracted lots of attention, earning positive reviews and surprisingly strong sales. Adding his wife and young drum-playing son to his band, Dale refocused on touring over the next few years.

Dale stepped away from his recording career after that release, but he continued to play out frequently, even as he struggled with myriad health problems, including diabetes, rectal cancer, and heart and kidney disease.

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