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A hinny resembles a horse more than an ass. It looks more like a horse with long ears. The mule is a cross between a male donkey [jack] and a female horse [mare]. The hinny is also called a mule, but is crossed between a male horse [stallion] and a female donkey [jenny, or jennet]. However, a bit more angle than the donkey hoof but not as round and angled as the horse.

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The domestic donkey is called ass or donkey, but wild asses are rarely called donkeys. They are usually specifically referred to with their name. The domestic donkey can grow up to 63" tall at the withers and have large ears to both pick up sound and act as a cooling system in hotter climates. The word Ass is used interchangeably to speak about Donkey. They are synonymous and refer to the same animal. Donkeys, Horses and Zebras forms part of the horse family "Equidae".

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Ass: The correct term for the animal commonly known as the donkey, burro, or jackstock. The term comes from the original Latin term for the animal which was Asinus. The scientific term for these animals is Equus asinus. There are a number of differences between a mule and an ass, but the main difference is the number of chromosomes: an ass or donkey has 62 and a mule has A mule is the offspring of a horse and a donkey, but mules cannot breed. May 15, Ass: The correct term for the animal commonly known as the donkey, burro, or jackstock. The term comes from the original Latin term for the animal which was Asinus. The scientific term for these animals is Equus asinus. The term fell into disrepute through confusion with the indelicate term "Arse" meaning the human backside.

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Jug vs. Transfer vs. However, it is also a sort of redundant terminology. You couldn't have a jackhorse as a male horse is called a stallion. This would not be technically correct. When a donkey or an ass Equus africanus asinus is mated with a horse, we get certain common hybrids:. To define burro, it is helpful to know a little Spanish.

Burro means donkey in Spanish and is commonly used in Mexico where these animals are very common, especially as pack animals.

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There, the term burro is more specific as it refers to a small donkey. As a side note, the Mexican dish Burrito derives its name from the donkey. If you want to know more about animal hybrids, why don't you find out the difference between ligers, tigons and other big cat breeds. These combinations of breeds can lead to the offspring taking on different characteristics.

Mules and hinnies have a reputation for stubbornness, but this is more to do with the animal knowing its limitations and letting its owner know too.

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They have great stamina, require less food than a horse and are unlikely to be startled. The flight reflex of a horse makes them more usteinequine.comedictable and they do not know when to reduce action, which can lead to them being worked until they drop.

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It is also harder to breed mules and hinnies. This is because these animals usually have bad genes. They have 63 chromosomes, as they are a mix between horses which have 64 and donkeys which have This results in almost all of them being sterile.

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Therefore, we can conclude that a donkey and an ass are the same animal, but mules and hinnies are different animals. Their characteristics and behavior depend on their breeding and they might have been given an unfair reputation. Their employment as pack animals and their enforced lack of autonomy seem to support this thesis. However, there is little evidence to support their being any less intelligent than related animals such as horses. In fact, a recent study from show that a donkey's cognitive capabilities are, genetically not considerably different to those of humans [1].


Whether a donkey is smart seems to be more a cultural consideration, rather than one based on scientific evidence. What is sure is that their contribution to human society is substantial.

Donkey, Ass, Burro, Mule, What They All Mean

Human treatment of donkeys over the centuries cannot be described as being so benevolent. Do you want to learn more about the strange similarities and differences in the animal kingdom?

Take a look at the following articles:. If you want to know more about how to care for a donkeyyou might want to read this article on how to know if a donkey is pregnant. Dumb or smart asses?

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Donkey or ass

By Josie F. TurnerJournalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Another interesting fact about the mule is that it has the unique long ears and short head of its father. However, what will definitely differentiate the mule from the donkey is what it inherits from its mother, the mare: it has her height, teeth, and fur of just one color. There are many studies about.

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Only their head, legs, and tail are clearly visible.

"Donkey" and "ass" are both common names for the animal species Equus asinus. Since the 18th century, "donkey" is the more commonly used term, probably . The donkey or ass (Equus africanus asinus) is a domesticated member of the horse family, Equidae. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the African wild ass, E. africanus. The donkey has been used as a working animal for at least years. The nasty bitch on this video loves strong and extreme sensations she wants to donkey fucking her in the ass. In this video, you might enjoy how she is dilated her asshole by a donkey.

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