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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Cory Stieg. Using a beauty product down to the last drop and having an "empty," can be a moment of pride and a sign of a quality product. But if you reach for your favorite bottle of lube in the middle of sex and it's empty, that's just inconvenient. The good news is there are a few household products that, when chosen wisely, can double as lubricant.

This means you can expect it to help avoid yeast infections.

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Coconut oil is good as a homemade lube because it lasts very long when compared to water-based lubes. It is also preferred by many as a lube for anal sex because it is natural, pure, and healthy.

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Just remember that coconut oil is usually a wax-type consistency, so you might be forced to melt it to be used as a lube. This can be done by simply warming it in your hands.

The downside to coconut oil is that it is NOT compatible with latex condoms. Any type of oil will break down the latex and cause it to tear.

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If you are using coconut oil as a lube, make sure you have Polyurethane condoms on hand. Read more about using coconut oil as an anal lubricant in our full review. All plant based oils prove to be great lubricants for anal sex.

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They are generally safe for use, provided you have high-quality products at home. Make sure that the plant based oil that you are using down there does not contain flavoring agents, as it can cause irritation and even bacterial infection. Grapeseed and olive oils are not only beneficial for health but being lighter, they provide more comfort to the skin than heavier oils like avocado and sesame. Just keep in mind that plant-based oils turn rancid after their expiration date and you must remember this date before using any of these oils on your genitals.

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Again, as with Coconut oil, any plant based oils are NOT compatible with latex condoms. They will eat away at the structure of latex and break it. This goes for any other form of latex based safer sex items like dental dams.

Baby oil is usually found in most households whether there is a small baby in the home or not.

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It is used on the delicate skin of the babies which leads to the common misconception that it is safe for use as anal lube. This oil is meant for absorption into the sensitive skin of the baby to make it soft and moisturized. Keep in mind that your genitals are perhaps even more sensitive and it is not advisable to apply baby oil over your genitals.

DIY Anal Lube Recipes. If you're feeling crafty and want to cook up (not literally) some DIY anal lube recipes at home, then we've got a couple of recipes for you to try out below. We've cherry-picked the more simple and straightforward recipes we could find - no one wants to spend 4 hours slaving over a hot stove just to make a little.

Although baby oil is soft and gentle, it is not very slippery and it often contains artificial fragrance or even artificial colors. It does help in reducing friction but it is not considered safe when used as a lube with condoms. Baby oil can alter the pH of your vagina as it is not natural oil. Also, it proves difficult to be washed away from your genitals.

This means it is possible to develop bacterial infections if this oil remains inside your vagina or anus. It is also not a good choice as one of the things to use as lube at home as it can break the latex condom used by your partner during sex.

The good news is there are a few household products that, when chosen wisely, can double as lubricant. Finding a lubricant that works for you and your partner is very personal. Some lubes work better for a specific type of sex such as analand others have ingredients that are tailored for people with a specific skin type.

Though there are tons of options out there, they all do effectively the same thing, which is make sex slipperier. You have to be careful any time you put something in or around your vagina, though, because there's a possibility that the foreign substance could alter your vagina's pH and possibly cause an infectionsuch as a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Some ingredients, like oil, can wear down a latex condom, she adds. But, are we here to cook or bake?

The bottom line is that they can all be heated and turn to oil. They are all oily in nature. You might look very good like your favorite buttered food.

What are the best homemade anal lubes?

But, wait As time goes on, it begins to get greasy. Apart from the greasy feeling in your butt, the butter has entered the vagina safely, right?

Whether you're a woman who's looking to please her man, a straight man/lesbian woman looking to get pegged, or a gay man looking for the best gay lube, anal sex is a joy that we can all share. Granted, the location of the prostate gland does make receiving anal more pleasurable for men than women, [ ]. Jan 22, Best Lube For Anal Sex / 'Best' Household Anal Lubes For Anal Sex 'Best' Household Anal Lubes For Anal Sex. Best Lube For Anal Sex January 22, Olive Oil as a Household Anal Lube. Be extremely carefull, i just tried and inside the homemade oil there was a chilli i didnt see, it felt like my intestants were on fucking fire and i. Best Household Items For Homemade Anal Lube | Informational Guide by Brittany Anderson. Anal sex is no longer a taboo in society, and millions of couples around the world are enjoying it just like foreplay, oral sex, and vaginal sex.

Since these butters are very difficult to clean up. Presence of natural butter is not good for either the vagina or anus. It will only harbor harmful bacteria in your vagina or anus.

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If you have used it before you discover this, then stop using it. Better you safe than sorry. No need of beating around the bush.

6 Homemade Lube Options. Story from Sex. 6 Non-Lube Items You Have At Home That You Can Use As Lube. Cory Stieg. Some lubes work better for a specific type of sex (such as anal), and others Author: Cory Stieg. Nov 08, What are the best homemade anal lubes? I recently started doing anal and I love it, but I need ideas for lube. I'm young and can't afford good anal lube, but are there some cheap store bought idea or things I could find around the house that would be a good substitute? I don't care about oil breaking down latex because I do anal play alone. Best homemade anal lubes to spice up your sex life. The Over the years, one-night stands have become quite a common scenario. The mindset of persons has changed considerably where the sexual beliefs once perceived as taboo are becoming trends today.

Here is what you should do. Baby oil is oil that is used on babies. It is known to be a pure mineral oil that gentle and mild on baby skin.

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They are always within our reach. You asked. As a matter of fact, baby oil has been used as a household anal lube in the past by some people. But, your genital is sensitive not so delicate right? Just joking!

Diy anal lube

When this oil gets on a baby skin - be it dry or moist, it gets absorbed by the skin and makes it smooth, soft and looking radiant. Baby oil is not a lube in any way. It is mainly for babies. It is not slippery. It is oily in nature. Though, it does not get dried, it is not slick. Not good with condoms. It can help reduce friction. But, it does not lube effectively as a normal or natural lube will do.

Apart from the points mentioned above, it poses a health risk too. Vaseline is among what I have used in the past. But, I stop it immediately after I discovered how unhealthy it is as a household anal lube. Do not let anyone deceive you. Vaseline or any other petroleum products including baby oil are not good for both your sexual intercourse, in general.

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You might be wondering why I am also talking about vagina instead of the anus only.

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